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The new face of railway stations: More than just
transit. Gaming as a new way of enjoying “waiting”
Cutting edge gaming / #Blog #gaming #mobility #sustainability

While the transport industry is focusing on upgrading the comfort and technology on board, a new frontier could be emerging involving the railway stations themselves in terms of services and connected spaces.

Why not spend the time waiting for our train by getting involved in immersive gaming sessions or taking part in thrilling competitions in a lively and exciting environment? This article will explore the potential of gaming within dedicated spaces in train stations, bringing a new way of enjoying the travel experience.

Gaming lounges and dedicated spaces

Future railway stations could offer designated gaming lounges, where passengers could relax and enjoy a large variety of video games. Consoles, computers and games of all sorts would be available to passengers, providing a comfortable and engaging environment for gaming enthusiasts, turning waiting rooms into real meeting places where gaming fans of all ages can socialise and compete.

Events and tournaments

Taking part in a video game tournament inside a railway station? Why not! Competitions could attract talented players with incredible logistical ease, providing an atmosphere of excitement and challenge. Special events that reward participants with discount vouchers for train tickets or other exclusive offers such as winning a business class experience and opportunities to demonstrate one's skills and test themselves against players from different parts of the world are just some of the chances.

Arcade rooms, showcases and content creation

Railway stations could take over the role of social aggregator and economic booster by giving new life to empty spaces, which stimulate people to reach the station earlier and consequently spend more time inside the railway station.

These areas could be equipped with arcade rooms, offering a wide selection of retro and/or modern games. Travellers could go way back in time by enjoying arcade classics or try out the latest blockbuster releases. In addition, terminals could host exhibitions and showcases of new titles, providing visitors with a chance to try out the latest gaming releases.

Special events, product placements, hands-on, engaging content creation booths to engage their followers, boosting the visibility and attractiveness of railway stations as gaming venues. The impact of users and creators can help to create a vibrant and addictive atmosphere within train stations, drawing in a growing audience.

The future of gaming in train stations therefore represents an thrilling opportunity to create a unique and immersive travel experience. Gaming lounges, events, arcade rooms and partnerships with creators could transform train stations into new places of socialising and fun.

Train stations could be popular destinations not only for their transportation services, but also for the rich experience they provide.

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